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Elite Valve is proud to be your #1 source of AWWA compliant knife gate valves!

Nearly five years ago, The American Water Works Association (AWWA) set out to develop a comprehensive guide on knife gate valves.  Exploring critical considerations like design features, materials, usage etc., the guide will be an invaluable resource for industry newcomers and veterans alike. 

Elite Valve is proud to be a contributing content provider to the AWWA's M72 Manual of Water Supply Practices for knife gate valves. Click the below link today to download a preview copy of AWWA's M72 manual.


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Our Commitment to AWWA and the Knife Gate Valves Industry

As a proud and trusted member of the AWWA Standards Committee, Elite Valve has been, from its initial conception, a contributing content provider to the M72 Manual of Water Supply Practices for knife gate valves.  

Tirelessly, we contributed countless hours to the M72 manual. We assisted AWWA by providing the knife gate data, products, and images prevalent throughout the M72 manual. 

Best utilized as a training and sales tool, distributors and end-users will find great value in AWWA's latest manual. As an industry leader in knife gate valves, Elite Valve is proud of its contribution. 

Similar to AWWA, Elite Valve is committed to being a global leader in knife gate valve technology. We recognize that not all process applications are the same, and as our clients' processes vary, so should the valve technology we use. Registered as an ISO 9001 company, Elite Valve is committed to maintaining knife gate valve manufacturing technology centers and delivering a reliable product. Our ability to provide both standardized and custom-engineered solutions allows us to meet all your needs in the most critical of applications.

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