Industrial Butterfly Valve


Butterfly Valve

250 PSI epoxy coated ductile iron body lug and wafer style industrial butterfly valves are manufactured and used extensively to regulate, stop and start fluid flow in pipelines. Locking lever handle with 10 position notch plate on sizes 2″ to 8″ – gear operator available on request. Gear operator with hand-wheel on sizes 14″ to 24″.

Features & Benefits

  •  Cartridge seat with a phenolic backing provides a dimensionally stable seating surface, minimal seat wear and extends seat life.
  • Two molded in primary shaft seals on upper and lower seal bore I.D. with three additional shaft seals (seats are field replaceable).
  • 2 upper, 1 lower F4 bushing to provide additional support.
  • Set screws to maintain seat alignment on dead-end service. Standard dead-end service for lug style valves.
  • Standard dead-end service for lug style valve.
  • Blow-out proof design
  • Actuation available to suit any requirement
  • Compatible with ASME 125/150 flanges.
  • Universal ISO5211 mounting pad.
  • Consult supplier for vacuum service.

Related Products

Light Slurry BFV

  • Mining/Cement/Power – light slurry applications
  • EPDM seat and EPDM coated disc
  • Ductile iron body
  • Up to 250psi
  • 2” to 24”


  • Industrial/Chemical – corrosive applications
  • PTFE seat and PTFE coated disc
  • Ductile iron or SS body
  • Up to 232psi
  • 2” to 24”

Municipal BFV

  • Municipal water applications
  • Conforms to AWWA C504 and NSF 61
  • EPDM seat and SS disc
  • Up to 250psi
  • 2” to 72”

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