Cast and Forged Steel Valves from NCI Canada

Built and engineered to withstand the harshest of operating conditions and service environments, contractors have grown to rely on NCI Canada's Cast and Forged Steel Valves.

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About Elite Valve


Elite Valve is committed to being a global leader, developing products & manufacturing technology that will offer a new level of acceptance. We recognize that all applications are not the same and as our client’s processes change, so should the valving technology they use. As an ISO 9001 company, our vision is to continue to develop manufacturing technology centers, while expanding our manufacturing partnerships on global bases. In support of our advance growth, Elite Valve has strategically located manufacturing & service centers within North America offering improved support & service.

Our engineers are rewarded for innovative thinking, turning problems into opportunities, while advancing product performance. Working closely with our customers is not an inconvenience, but rather encouraged providing exposure to life’s proving ground. Our concept is simple, strive to be the very best possible! With these few words, we employ years of experience, handcrafting some of the best valves technology can offer. Our ability to provide both standardized and custom-engineered solutions allows us to meet the critical needs of customers for each application.

Over 20 years of delivering commercial and industrial ball valve solutions for the toughest of applications.