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Elite Valve’s E5400 general purpose knife gate valve

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“I’m amazed at the versatility of the E5400! Elite can customize or modify it any which way imaginable.”

– Bruce J.

Product Features

Features and benefits of the E5400 general purpose knife gate valve

Design Compliance

Manufactured to MSS SP-81, AWWA C520, and Tappi standards, the E5400 general purpose knife gate valve comes standard with a fully stainless steel body, gate, and yoke. High alloy grades of stainless such as 317 SS and 2205 SS are available and stocked.

American Iron and Steel (AIS)

Can meet American Iron and Steel (AIS) and other material sourcing requirements upon request.

Buried Service Friendly

The E5400 general purpose knife gate valve is available with pressure bonnets for all sizes up to 60”, and stem extensions for buried service.


ISO Mounting Pad

The yoke mounting pad on the E5400 general purpose features an ISO 5211 bolt circle pattern to match up with most OEM actuators.

Silicone Free Assembly

The E5400 general purpose knife gate valve is manufactured and assembled without the use of any silicone products. These valves are the perfect solution for applications like paint booths.

Reverse Flow Backstops

Large diameter valves (14” and above) come standard with reverse flow backstops that prevent the gate from unseating more than a marginal amount in process upset conditions.

Instrumentation / Lockout Ready


304 SS yoke designed to accept position sensors and lockout pins without any additional mounting brackets or hardware.

Low Friction Bearing


Low friction thrust washers and stainless steel bearings allow for handwheel operation all the way to 30” diameter sizes.

Polished Gate


Gate surface has been ground
smooth to improve seal performance
and prolong packing life.

E5400 General Purpose Knife Gate Valve Product Specifications



2" - 30" Stocked
Larger sizes made to order


Maximum Working Pressure

2" - 24" = 150 psi; 30" - 60" = 100 psi
Alternative working pressures available upon request



Zero leakage shutoff for resilient seated valves



Pulp & Paper, Waste Water, Sewage, Solids Handling



Extreme temperature configurations are available



Metal & Resilient


Design Compliance


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Use our valve assembly tool below to create your own custom knife gate assembly. Options marked with a * are stocked.
When placing your E5400 general purpose knife gate valve order please reference the above product code.

1 Body


A single cast piece machined to exacting standards provides superior reliability and a long service life.

Material Code
304 SS* (Stainless Steel) 1
316 SS* (Stainless Steel) 2
317 SS* (Stainless Steel) 3
2205 SS* (Stainless Steel) 4
254 SMO 5
RC50 6
Inconel 600 7
Hastelloy C276 8
Ductile Iron D
904L L
Titanium T
WCB (Carbon Steel) W

*items are stocked


Custom features, modifications, and materials are available upon request.


2 Gate


Featuring a polish ground surface, a bevel knife edge, and rounded corners.

Material Gate
304 SS* (Stainless Steel) 1
316 SS* (Stainless Steel) 2
317 SS* (Stainless Steel) 3
2205 SS* (Stainless Steel) 4
254 SMO 5
RC50 6
Inconel 625 7
17-4 PH (Precipitation-Hardened) P
2507 SS (Stainless Steel) S
Titanium T
Carbon Steel W

*items are stocked


Custom coatings for hardness, and chemical resistance are available.


3 Seat


A wide variety of options offering zero leakage, advanced chemical resistance, and long wear life are available.

Material Seat
Metal* V
Viton* 6
RC50 A
Aflas B
17-4 PH R
Natural Rubber R
HT Silicone S
Teflon (Si Core) T
Urethane U

*items are stocked


Viton is the standard material installed in the stock valve, but other seat materials are on the shelf and can be quickly swapped into the valve.


4 TopWorks


Manufactured oversize to handle excessive forces, yokes come standard with provisions for proximity probes and safety lockout pins.

Material TopWorks
304 SS Yoke* Y
Fabricated Yoke F
Pressure Bonnet P
304 SS Stanchions S
316 SS Yoke W

*items are stocked


Safety gaurds are available for additional operator security.


5 Packing


Providing a seal to the enviroment, the right choice of pcking material is critical forntrouble free performance.

Food GradeF

Material Packing
Teflon* T
Viton V
Aflas A
Ceramic 1500F C
Teflon w/Kevlar K
Graphite G
Natural Rubber R

*items are stocked


Energized, live loaded, high temperature, and embedded scrapers are all available options.


6 Operator


Our versatile knife gatw design allows nearly any type of operator to be mounted.

Description Operator
Bare Stem* B
Chainwheel* C
Chainwheel with Nut C(N)
Electric E
Gear* G
Gear with Nut G(N)
Gear (Inline) G(L)
Gear (Spur) G(S)
Hydraulic (Cylinder) H
Lever* L
Description Operator
Nut N
Pneumatic (HP Cylinder)* P
Pneumatic (GP Cylinder)* P(G)
Pneumatic Spring Closed (FC) R
Pneumatic Spring Open (FO) S
Ratchet T
Handwheel* W
Handwheel with Nut W(N)
No Stem (CLA Only)* X

*items are stocked


Stem extensions, floor stands, and other options are available as necessary.


7 Size


Stocked up to 30" in diameter, and large sizes are built to order

Inches Size
2 02
3 03
4 04
6 06
8 08
10 10
12 12
14 14
16 16
18 18
Inches Size
20 20
24 24
30 30
36 36
42 42
48 48
54 54
60 60
66 66

*items are stocked


Custom sizes and flange bolting patterns can be made upon request.


8 Options


Multiple additional features can be included in your valve to ensure it exactly meet your needs.

Description Options
Xylan Coated Gate 1
Xylan Coated Wetted Parts 2
Chrome Coated Gate 3
Nickel Coated Gate 4
Silicone Free 7
NA Content 8
AIS Requirement 9
Oversized Cylinder A
Safety Guards B
Through Port C
Dual Seat D
Stem Extension E
Air Filter / Reg F
Energized G
Description Options
Horseshoe H
Internal Liners I
Drain Plate J
Wear Ring K
Live Load L
Non-Rising Stem N
Lockouts O
Purge Ports P
Junction Box Kit Q
Solenoid S
Positioner T
V-port V
Extrusion / Wiper / Scraper W
Prox Probes X
Stem Protector Y

*items are stocked


Custom modifications and unique requests can also be incorporated by our skilled staff.


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About Elite Valve and their E5400 general purpose knife gate valves

Elite Valve is committed to being a global leader in valve technology. We recognize that not all process applications are the same, and as our clients’ processes vary, so should the valve the technology they use. Registered as an ISO 9001 company, Elite Valve is committed to maintaining valve manufacturing technology centers, and delivering reliable products like the E5400 general purpose knife gate valve. In support of this commitment, Elite Valve has strategically located manufacturing and service centers within North America.

Our engineers are rewarded for innovative thinking – turning problems into opportunities, and advancing product performance like the E5400 general purpose knife gate valve. Working closely with our customers is encouraged. Our modus operandi is “Strive to be the very best.” It can be seen in the work we do daily. With these few words, we employ years of experience, handcrafting some of the best products available. Our ability to provide both standardized and custom-engineered solutions allows us to meet all your needs in the most critical of applications.


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