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Knife Gate Valve delivers results.


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About Elite Valve and our Knife Gate Valves

Elite Valve is committed to being a global leader in knife gate valve technology. We recognize that not all process applications are the same, and as our clients’ processes vary, so should the knife gate valve technology they use. Registered as an ISO 9001 company, Elite Valve is committed to maintaining knife gate valve manufacturing technology centers, and delivering a reliable product every time called upon. In support of this commitment, Elite Valve has strategically located manufacturing and service centers within North America.

Our engineers are rewarded for innovative thinking— turning problems into opportunities and advancing product performance. Working closely with our customers is encouraged. Our modus operandi is “Strive to be the very best”. It can be seen in the work we do daily. With these few words, we employ years of experience, handcrafting some of the best products available. Our ability to provide both standardized and custom-engineered solutions allows us to meet all your needs, in the most critical of applications.

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Over 20 years of delivering Knife Gate Valve solutions for the toughest of applications.