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Rack and Pinion

Rack and Pinion

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Elite Valve is a global leader in developing innovative products like the industry-leading rack and pinion pneumatic actuator. In business for almost 20 years, Elite Valve manufactures some of the best valves technology can offer.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, Elite Valve manufactures both standardized and custom-engineered rack and pinion pneumatic actuator to meet all your project specific requirements.

Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

Product Description
Elite Valve’s new series of rack and pinion pneumatic actuators feature many design enhancements over the previous model. It is Elite Valve’s mission to offer innovative products by combining the long field experience with the latest production and materials technology available in the market today. Utilizing new machining tools and procedures, Elite Valve’s series of pneumatic actuators offer the following improved characteristics: Long-term reliability, high performance, full compliance with all the latest international standards, extensive product range, innovations and patented solutions for a universal drive shaft, enhanced multifunction position indicator, compact and light.

Range of Options:
• Stainless steel (304 or 316) drive shafts are available upon request for all sizes, no matter the type of corrosion protection selected.
• For extremely high or low temperature applications, all models may be equipped with FPM or Silicon O-rings along with an Elite Valve tested and certified suitable lubricant.
• Other than the standard double square bottom drive shaft connection, we can supply a keyed drive connection, a flat head connection or a special personalized drive connection.

Quality Management:
• Production conforms to ISO9001.
• Each individual actuator has been factory inspected and tested and given a serial number for full traceability.
• Each individual actuator is individually packed in a special cardboard carton for protection, with a product description label for easy identification and includes installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

Accessories Available:
• Air filter regulator
• Mounting brackets
• Couplings
• Solenoid valves
• Switch boxes
• Proximity switches
• Gear boxes
• Positioners

Below is the Elite Valve Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator Build of Materials.

No.Part NameMaterialQty
1BodyAluminium alloy1
2Left End capAluminium alloy1
3Drive shaftAlloy Steel1
4Right end capAluminium alloy1 lot
5OCTI-CAMAlloy Steel1 lot
6Thrust bearing
(pinion top)
7Thrust bearingPOM+PTFE2
8Thrust washerStainless steel1
9PistonAluminium alloy2
10Cap screw (end cap)Stainless steel2
11Stop top screwStainless steel1
12Nut (stop screw)Stainless steel2
13Washer (stop screw)Stainless steel2
14Spring clipSpring steel1
15Position indicatorNylon1
16Indicator thrust bearingStainless steel1
17Cap screwStainless steel1
18Color codeNylon2
19“o” ring (stop screw)NBR2
20“o” ring (piston)NBR2
21“o” ring (pinion bottom)NBR1
22“o” ring (pinion top)NBR1
23Bearing (pinion top)POM+PTFE1
24Bearing (pinion head)POM+PTFE2
25Bearing (pinion bottom)POM+PTFE1
26Wear bandNylon2
27Spring seatNylon24
28SpringHigh-carbon steel12
29Straining beamCopper pipe12
31“o” ring (end cap)NBR2

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Rack & Pinion
Pneumatic Actuator Manual

Download more in-depth technical specifications for our line of rack and pinion pneumatic actuator by clicking on any of the above literature thumbnails.

For nearly 20 years, Elite Valve has committed its efforts in offering simply the best products like the rack and pinion pneumatic actuator to meet a wide range of project requirements and applications.

We are the valve industry’s leader of the rack and pinion pneumatic actuator. As a customer-centric organization, we attribute our success to our sales personnel, engineers and trained staff who are here to help you with all your valve needs.

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