Ductile Iron Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve from Elite Valve

Ductile Iron Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve    |   Class 150    |   Wafer Style    |   14″ to 24″    |   ASTM A395

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Elite Valve is a global leader in developing innovative products like the industry-leading ductile iron resilient seated butterfly valve. In business for almost 20 years, Elite Valve manufactures some of the best valves technology can offer.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, Elite Valve manufactures both standardized and custom-engineered resilient seated butterfly valves to meet all your project specific requirements.

BFW Series Ductile Iron Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Product Description:
Elite Valve manufactures resilient seated butterfly valves that are used extensively to regulate, stop and start fluid flow in pipelines. Committed to offering high-quality ductile iron resilient seated butterfly valves, these valves are primarily used in the pulp & paper, cement, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, mining, and food industries.

Manufactured using ASTM A395 ductile iron, the Elite Valve resilient seated butterfly valves are available in both wafer and lug body styles. Compatible with ASME 125/150 flanges, the Elite Valve ductile iron resilient seated butterfly valves come with a gear operator with hand-wheel on sizes 14” to 24”.

Features Include:
• Maximum working pressure 250 PSI
• Available in sizes of  2″ to 24″
• Compatible with ASME 125/150 flanges
• Class 150
• Available in wafer or lug body
• Bubble tight and bi-directional to 250 PSI
• Consult supplier for vacuum service
• Blow-out proof design
• All valve bodies are epoxy coated
• ISO 5211 mounting flange allowing easy actuation.
• Gear operator with hand-wheel standard with sizes 14” – 24”
• Actuation available to suit any requirement
• Standard dead-end service for lug style with downstream flange removed
• Applicable standards; API 609, MSS-SP67, tested per API-598, CRN
• Phenolic backed seat provides a stable seat sealing surface, minimal seat wear and extends seat life

• Lug
• Wafer

Our Elite Valve Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves have the following Build of Materials and Product Specifications:

Materials ASTM
Body Ductile Iron A395
Cast Iron* A126-B
Carbon Steel* A216
Stainless Steel* A351-CF8M
Disc 316 Stainless Steel A351-CF8M
Aluminum Bronze* A339-80-45-10
Alloy 20* A351-CN-7M
Monel* A494-M35
Hastelloy C-276* A494-CW-6M
Shaft 316 Stainless Steel A182-F316
416 Stainless Steel A582
Bushing Bronze* B62
Temperature (both in °F and °C)
Seat/Liner Buna-N 0 – 180°F « (-18) – 80°C
Viton 0 – 400°F « (-18) – 204°C
(125 PSI Rated Only)
0 – 250°F « (-18) – 204°C
EPDM (-30) – 275°F « (-35) – 135°C
Hypalon* (-20) – 200°F « (-30) – 90°C
Dimensions (mm)
Size A B C n-d L W
14” 445 267 476 12-1-8UN-2B 79.5 300
16” 505 322 539.5 16-1-1/8-8UN2B 90 300
18” 527 339 578 16-1-1/8-8UN2B 109 300
20” 600 371 635 20-1-1/8-8UN2B 135 300
24” 682 461 749.5 20-1-1/4-8UN-2B 156 300

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Butterfly Valves Brochure
(AWWA and Split Body)

Download more in-depth technical specifications for our line of ductile iron resilient seated butterfly valves by clicking on any of the above literature thumbnails.

For nearly 20 years, Elite Valve has committed its efforts in offering simply the best products like the ductile iron resilient seated butterfly valve to meet a wide range of project requirements and applications.

We are the valve industry’s leader of the resilient seated butterfly valve. As a customer-centric organization, we attribute our success to our sales personnel, engineers and trained staff who are here to help you with all your valve needs.

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